Monday, 20 March 2017


Welcome to the Conserve Botswana magazine blog! We will use this medium to keep you informed of new and interesting stories from the conservation world, particularly as they affect Botswana. As with our magazine (coming soon!), this blog will cover some hot topics in conservation science, from the perspective of on-the-ground conservation biologists working in Botswana. This will afford you an insider’s view in the conservation world, and if you are in the position to support conservation projects, help you find the perfect project or organisation to support.

Our regular “News Wrap” article will provide commentary on some of the interesting conservation-related news, as it relates to conservation in Botswana. Consequently, we focus on news from within the country, and from its direct neighbours. As wildlife knows no boundaries, policies and events in Botswana’s neighbouring countries can have direct consequences for its own wildlife conservation efforts. We will look at the news through a scientific lens, and strive to give both sides of the story for controversial topics.

Botswana and southern African Countries. Wildlife knows no boundaries!

This blog will also serve as a mouthpiece for conservationists in Botswana who want to draw attention to issues that are otherwise under-reported. By subscribing to this blog, liking our Facebook page, or following us on Twitter, you can stay up to date and informed about conservation projects, applied research, and topical conservation issues in Botswana and surrounds.

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